How to Password Protect a PDF using PDFill

How to Password Protect a PDF using PDFill

To password protect a PDF, you must use the program on your desktop labeled "PDFill Free"

1: Open PDFill form your desktop

2: In the main menu, select option 3. Encrypt and Decrypt Options

3: In the pop-up menu, select the PDF you want to password protect, and click open.
4: In the next menu, you can set both an owner password and a user password. A user password gives Read-Only permission to the file. An owner password gives Full Control to the file.

5: Set either a user password, an owner password, or both.
6: Select "128 Bit RC4"
7: Click "Encrypt As"
8: In the pop-up menu, select a new name for the protected file, and click save.

Thats it!

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