How to Set Up Your Email

How to Set Up Your Email

Email setups are now even easier to do as you do not require IT's assistance. Following this article will get your email up and running in just a couple minutes!

All Users

1. Visit Sign in using your access email and computer login password.

2. Once signed in, Navigate to  (Settings) and then click  (View all Outlook settings).

3. Select (Mail) and then (Compose and reply).

4. Visit and design your signature. Once completed, click (Select Signature) and press Ctrl+C (Copy).

5. Navigate back to your (Mail) tab.

6. Ctrl+V (Paste) your signature into the "Email Signature" box. 

7. Check both of the boxes below and click (Save).

8. You are now done and ready to use your email!

Patient Coordinators

9. Once you have completed the previous steps, Right click on (Folders) and click (Add Shared Folder).

10. Type in the name of your location (ie: Woodstock) and select the one named Woodstock (not Woodstock users). 

10. Click (Add). And you are all set!

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