Employee Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup Guide

Employee Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup Guide

Note: Please Restart your computer before starting this guide.

      Note: Do not use the "Mail App" on your computer, you will need to open up a Web Browser to
      sign in.


      1.     Download the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone from the App store or Google Play Store 


      2.       Open a web browser on your computer (example: Google Chrome)

      3.       Go to http://mail.accessptw.com/ and sign in with your Access email and password

      4.       After signing in you should get a prompt that more information is required, click Next


      5.       On the Additional security verification page under “How do you want to use the mobile app” click the option for Receive notifications for verification, then click the Set up button


      6.       Follow the setups under Configure mobile app and scan the QR code with the Microsoft Authenticator App


      7.       When your account is added the authenticator app, click Next


      8.       At the Additional security verification page, click Next

      9.       You should be asked to approve the sign in request on your phone. Approve the sign in


      10.   You are now setup with Multi-Factor Authentication! Now open the Teams app on your computer and approve the sign in request

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