Opening Sharepoint Files in Libre Office

Opening Sharepoint Files in Libre Office

1.  Open and Log into SharePoint

      Note: you can open SharePoint from the desktop shortcut that is on all Access computers

2. Navigate to the file you wish to open
      Note: In this example we are going to use the "Logo label large.docx" file located in Procedures -> Customer Service Specialist

3. Select the file with the check box to the left of the file name

4. Select Download at the top

5. Click on the Start button on the bottom left of your screen to open the start menu

6.  Once the start menu is open type the word "file"
      Note: When you start typing in the start menu windows 10 will automatically do a search on whatever word you type even if there                   is no search box at the bottom!

7. Open "File Explorer"

8. in the left bar in file explorer select "Downloads"

9. Find the file in your Donwloads folder and double click it to open it in Libre Office!

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